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Friday, November 19, 2010

BMW: Dead Ends

Over the last week, while Levy continues to press BMW (he sent yet another letter to Avery yesterday) I've done a ton of research trying find out if there are any laws in place that protect a consumer in my position.  I've sadly thus far come to the conclusion that I've been stuck in a legal corner that seems to have no remedy.  I've read the entire text of the Lemon Law and the California Consumer Protection Act, and neither of these laws seem to be applicable in my case, and this is probably the reason that BMW has not been responsive to Levy's letters.  Not only do they not care, but it seems that they must know that I have no obvious legal course of action.

I spoke for a while yesterday with a very kind man at the Bureau of Automotive Repair who was incredibly sympathetic, but said there was no avenue he could think of that I could pursue to take this any further.  I very appreciated his call, though.

I also got an email from the producer of the Judge Judy show, which for a moment sparked hope - but I wasn't confident that they would actually be able to do anything for me as getting Corporate BMW to appear on a television show seemed like a very long shot.  I spoke with the producer today, and she confirmed that fear.  She was also incredibly nice and sympathetic, but agreed that BMW would never come on the show.  It was very nice of her to take my call in any case.

It seems like I've been getting a lot of sympathy from a variety of sources, but no one yet has been able to provide suggestions for any further action.  I guess I'll just keep pressing and trying to get this case public, and continue to hope that somehow they respond to Levy's letters.

Outlook is bleak, but I have not in any given up.  There must be something I can do.  Anyone have Schwarzenegger's phone number?  I wonder how they would take a call from Arnold.  It's the least he could do after leaving my state in shambles...

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