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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

BMW: The Top Rung?

I spoke with Stefan yesterday, who still called instead of emailed as I asked.  We talked again about my last email in which I asked where the next step up was, to speak to a person who bridges that gap between manufacturer and financial - and he basically said that there ISN'T one.  How convenient for them.  He said that financial services only care about contracts - not customer satisfaction - and I said that this practice is a pretty foolish move.  If they are the ones that care about money and I end up being so unhappy that I pull all my business from BMW they stand to lose tens-of-thousands of dollars over the course of a life that could be driving a BMW.  He agreed with me, but ultimately there is nothing he can do.  He can't help me with that.

He said that on their end that there MIGHT be a way to get "compensated" for the trouble that manufacturing has caused, and he would continue to look for options to that regard - but as far as changing leases he said it's not something he or the manufacturer has the power to influence.

This was an interesting turn, and I'm curious what this might evolve into.

The fact remains that there seems to be no department in this corporation that can even listen to what I have to say much less make any appropriate changes.  No one that is interested in the money they might lose from me or people that I might influence over the course of my driving life.  This is pretty short sighted, and completely contradictory to everything that BMW seems to tout when you join their "family".

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